Too often we see companies collecting tremendous amounts of customer feedback, however then complain that they don’t have enough capacity to analyse it and leverage the actionable insights.  In the customer experience landscape, companies that lead the pack aren’t afraid of sharing the good and bad of feedback to all areas of the business.  As Forrester points out in their “How to Accelerate CX” report, customer centricity is how you get to being customer led; And that means getting everyone on the same page, understanding NPS and listening to what customers are saying. Because you can multiply the learning, improvements and growth by sharing customer feedback.

So let’s breakdown some easy ways to share customer experience wins and opportunities for improvements.

1. Advanced Customer Experience Management software

The first thing is allowing the team to get access to the feedback in the first place.  Utilising an advanced customer experience management tool, you can setup role-based permission access to the data.  This means responses can be shared with merchandise departments, front line teams, or marketing.  Customer identities can be hidden, and team member names removed so that privacy is enforced and the focus is on what is delighting, or angering customers is front and centre.

2. Alerts and notifications

In a noisy digital world, it may be hard to get the attention of various persons within an organisations. However, these people may be essential in delivering a target customer journey. Using alerts and notifications through email, SMS and other channels to directly deliver and share feedback straight to an environment they are already using can benefit greatly. Allowing that feedback to deliver maximum insight.

3. Team Meetings / Town Halls

A great way to start your team meetings or wider company get togethers is having the team share some customer experience stories.  Openly discussing together what went well and how we could improve supports company culture of customer engagement.  For companies that aren’t actively making improvements by leveraging customer insights, will find that the same feedback comes up again and again.  This is good.  This will lead to “let’s take it offline” meetings to dive deeper into the situation and formulate cx strategy, as whatever we are doing isn’t necessarily working.  On the flip side those warm and bubbly stories where the customer was extremely happy will pump up the team and have everyone wanting to go above and beyond.

4. Digital Customer Experience Story Wall

Placing TVs throughout the business that is broadcasting live feed of feedback is a real game changer when it comes to customer led culture.  This is a sign of confidence from upper management that customers are important, and what they are saying about the experience they are having with us everyone should know.  We’ve seen this improve culture and this also encourages the team to take a few minutes out of their day to read the feedback.  Strategically placing the TVs in kitchens, breakout rooms, or outside executive offices makes it near impossible to miss.  Further these can be used for the daily team huddles who can stand near the TV and begin the session by reading some feedback and discussing what it means

Talk to the team at Resonate to understand how you could democratise customer experience data and use smart ways to share this data.