Discover New CX Insights.
Create Action Plans.

The triggers are hidden in the Net Promoter Score® (NPS) and the feedback collected. Have it uncovered and presented to you in real-time. See your trends and opportunities on customised at-a-glance dashboards. Transform your Customer’s Experience strategically.

Deep Dive

Dig in to the raw data and uncover the drivers in behind the verbatim. Visualise the feedback through customisable summarised data cards. Investigate further through identified areas of concern and praise areas of success.

Focus on the Important Issues

Integrated with world leading text analytics technology. Remove the manual work of sifting through verbatim and identifying trends, sentiment, customer driver ratings, themes, calls to action and other areas that affect your customer’s experience. Spend the time creating action plans on improving on the feedback.

Built in Text Analytics

Leave the Analytics to the Software

Understand the drivers behind Net Promoter Score® (NPS) without sifting through your feedback. Through text analytics, Pulse will mine through the text commentary and transform verbatim into trends and opportunities.

See what matters

Customer contextual data and survey response data can be ‘cut and diced’ to discover what drives the customer experience. Further drill-down is then possible including the continuing use of structured and unstructured data.

Customer Experience Drivers Identified.

Exploring customer feedback can be difficult when combining structured and unstructured data. When your discovering overall sentiment, emotion and opportunities, give the time consuming tasks to Pulse. Advanced text analytics is capable to identifying the key elements in the voice of customer.

Dig Deeper for the hidden gems.

The feedback is like an iceberg, only a small percentage is revealed on the surface while majority is hidden underneath. The gems are hidden but with the right tools, it makes mining much easier.

Want to see how this can be enabled for you?