Organisation Wide Initiative to improve CX.

Improvement starts when the whole team is on board. Enable the team and transform the way the entire organisation views customer experience. Improve the customer experience through clear, manageable and easy to understand way.

Organisational Buy In

Customer Experience is not the sole responsibility of one person but an organisational initiative. Give the chance for every person to see the state of CX.


Enabling the visualisation of customer feedback can help transform the way your staff think and act towards your customers. From the frontline to the C-Suite.

See the Improvements

Engage employees with the idea and implementation of customer centricity initiatives. Allow them to see the fruits of their labour in real-time.


Bring Customer Feedback to Life

The Big Screen App (BSA) brings together real time customer feedback with contextual data and displays it on a large screen. This can be placed in areas where is it easily accessed by staff of all departments. Specific BSAs can be utilised in areas concerning management teams, role based teams, contact centre teams and frontline teams.

Listening Socially

The BSA takes all possible forms of customer data feeds – surveys, contact centres, forums, communities and other forms of social media – and displays them real-time on the one large screen. This is perfect for corporate foyers, boardrooms and the staff lunchroom to demonstrate a transparent and customer focused culture and to generate timely conversations about real customer feedback.

CX Transparency

Improvements happen with transparency within the organisation. Bring the state of CX to life and at the front of mind. Let the customers take the driving seat in the organisational growth.

CX Training

Deliver a consistent message across multiple channels. Ensure the call centre is delivering the same experience as the frontline. Too often CX falls apart as departments are silos and deliver a differing message.

CX Priority

Building a customer lead culture means CX takes priority. When the decisions made from C-suite to the frontline has the first criteria of how it affects CX. This is when an organisation has ingrained the principles of CX within its culture.

Want to see how this can be enabled for you?