Get Feedback Unconventionally
Employee Engagement

Your employees are the greatest asset to your organisation. An engaged workforce means far greater productivity and quality of work that ultimately leads to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to encourage open communication between your employees and your organisation. By providing a platform for your employees to voice their opinion provides far better insight into your employee connection with the company. It also allows your employees to engage at in real time and allowing them to praise the positive or vent the negative.

Employee engagement is not the monthly, quarterly, bi annual or even in worst cases annual surveys by HR, which often seen as a formality. The long incumbent surveys that are created to try gauge employee satisfaction and overall happiness do not necessarily reflect actual feelings.

If you’re giving your customers a voice, then give your employees a voice as well.

  • Capture employee sentiment in real-time
  • Maintain a consistent connection with your employees
  • Create brand ambassadors in your workforce
  • Retain the talent in your team

Unconventional Feedback

Now your employees are consistently engaged with your organisation and they become an extension of your brand. They now have a platform to capture candid feedback for you in social situations. Wherever they are, they are able to capture feedback. Often these are unguarded and honest opinions which reveal the potential cracks in CX for your organisation.

Allow your brand ambassadors to capture the feedback and set up call backs. Listen unconventionally, act unexpectedly and improve customer experience.

Get Employees Engaged Today!