Close the Loop on Feedback.

Enable the Frontline to Act.

Listen and respond to your customers. Whether positive or negative, give your customers the feeling of a two way relationship. Raise your Net Promoter Score® (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and reduce Customer Effort Score. Empower those who are face to face with your customers. Let them take ownership of the experience they provide. Give them the opportunity to turn the experience around.(CES).


Give the power to the frontline to listen and act fast on the feedback. Turn the experience around fast. Close the loop on feedback as they come in.


Take action and respond to the customer. Acknowledge the connection with your customers and keep them loyal by showing you appreciation.


Elevate a positive experience through engagement or transform their negative experience into positive. Acting fast means the negative sentiment could be turned into advocacy.

Give the tools to your Frontline.

Provide your Frontline with the visibility of the customer feedback. Give them the platform to respond to customers in real-time. Create advocates and built loyalty by closing the loop on feedback.

Bask in the fruit of your labour.

Raising customer advocacy and retention is not an easy task. Let your frontline see the results of their hard work in real-time. Gamify acting on customer feedback and ultimately buy into the CX initiative.

customer experience workflow

Intuitive and Customisable

A customisable portal that provides information to their relevant parties.

  • Assess individual performance
  • Understand the drivers of the feedback
  • See what is going well
  • Learn what needs to improve
  • Action the feedback

Instinctive Workflows

Built in easy to use workflows that ensure alerts are acted on by the right parties.

  • Respond to customers faster
  • Schedule call-backs
  • Alerted of feedback that need attention
  • Automate escalation process
  • Identify areas that need improvement

Want to see how this can be enabled for you?