Built in Text Analytics to Reduce Effort

It takes more than a score to create a magical experience. As you begin capturing omnichannel feedback and collecting verbatim, how are you going to process the structured and unstructured data? How are you going to categorise that data into actionable insight?

Resonate’s Voice of Customer (VoC) platform has included Text Analytics as one of the core capabilities. It is able to derive actionable intelligence directly from customer verbatim. Whether the data sets are structured or unstructured, Resonate built in text analytics negates the effort behind the human effort of sifting through responses.

Whilst a high NPS or CSAT score is an indication of the positive stance in customer experience, it is a mere indicator. In addition, no customer survey is complete without understanding the reasons behind the score and discovering the “why?” Through text analytics, Pulse will mine through the text commentary and transform verbatim into trends and opportunities. The score may be positive but the verbatim may determine otherwise.

Resonate’s Text Analytics is designed with the principle of discovery, however, it can be used as a method of validation. The methods Resonate adopted are one-to-many, set of verbatim analysed to uncover commonalities and trends, discovering the unknown and one to one issues, setting predefined categories of known and validating those issues. The methods combined allows identifying and validating, as a catalyst for change.

Transforming verbatim into intelligence has never been easier for Resonate’s clients. Through discovery and validation, get transparency in the issues that are clouding the overall experience. Deliver better customer experience with more insights and less effort.

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