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“Resonate has successfully rolled out and refined a transactional NPS platform across a 400 plus store network in China over the past three years. The program has been instrumental in establishing customer focus at a store level, and systematically increasing NPS across the network. The innovation, adaptability and resilience of the Resonate team has been greatly appreciated.”

Jim Thompson, Chief Operating Officer, Walmart China

Everything you need to delight your customers

Reach out to your customer in their preferred way.

Popular features

Omni-channel Surveys

Don't let technology limit you. We can engage in conversation through web, app, email, SMS and more.

Personalised Flows

Go beyond generic and monotonous surveys with intelligent logic and personalisation.

High Response Rates

Increase your response rates by improving survey experience. Don't settle for a low response rate.

Enable your team to create delightful experiences.

Popular features

Personalised Dashboards

Streamline work for your team with easy to use dashboards that highlight their stregths and weaknesses.

Workflow Management

Start using automated workflows and notifications to manage call-backs and recover bad experiences.

Team Communication

Increase collaboration with easy escalation and communication supported by contextual data about the customer.

Get actionable insights that drive your business' growth.

Popular features

Intelligent Text Analytics

Understand and track unstructured data quicker with the help of AI.

Trending Themes

Never miss under the hood issues with our AI assisted trend analysis that brings important themes to your attention.

Easy Segmentation

Target and solve problem for different groups by generating reports and insights related to specific segments.


Get Actionable Insights

Go beyond the score and understand the ‘Why?’

Text analytics

Quickly and easily understand unstructured data behind the scores.

Root cause analysis

Automated Machine learning and AI allows the most significant issues to come to the front without manual analysis.

CX with Context

Bring Operational and CX Data together to understand context and make change.

Manage the Customer Journey

Bring touchpoints together and understand the episode


Employee experience

Integrate your Employee Experience with CX

360 feedback

Manage internal 360 Degree feedback to get a comprehensive view

Employee NPS

Get a read of internal engagement and advocacy

Employee Pulse

Rapid high-frequency employee sentiment measurement.


Read customer feedback and close to loop straight from phone

A large part of your workforce does not sit behind a desk, whether its field sales teams, store managers or customer service staff. Give them access to customer insights while they are on the move. A powerful companion app, Echo works in sync to deliver a distilled mobile experience for staff on the go.

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