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Top E-commerce Insights: What Customers Value in 2021

Want to understand what customers value in online shopping experiences post-pandemic? Download important insights to grow revenue.

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An understanding of what drives the E‑commerce experience

You'll learn about emerging opportunities from E‑commerce

An understanding of E‑commerce customer personas

You'll learn how to grow revenue with dream E‑commerce experiences customers want

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Do you want to understand better what your customers are valuing in the product, service and experience you are delivering? Or do you want to understand which experiences are causing churn or breaking loyalty? Then, this report is for you.

What is the 'New normal' in E-commerce, and how does CX help?

The pandemic has created a 'New normal' by accelerating spending online. This increase in digitalisation and online spending is here to stay. To grow revenue, increase conversion and create repeat customers in this new environment, retailers must focus on customer experience.

A customer experience strategy will help retailers create a competitive advantage beyond product and price and ensure current customers purchase more rather than acquiring new customers.

For E-commerce retailers in 2021 and beyond, customer experience will drive success. Companies with excellent customer experience will secure a bigger customer basket as more shoppers shift online.

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