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The platform that reveals what really matters to your customers. Uncover growth opportunities and deliver outstanding customer experiences.


Trusted CX partner of ambitious brands

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“This partnership has ensured that customer insights are actionable and disseminated into every business unit from merchandising to staff training…”

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“The integrity and commitment of the Resonate team is something not often come upon in partner. Our journey was made so much more effective…”

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“Resonate has enabled us to truly understand our customers … and obtain actionable insights to improve the customer experience…”

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Not just a VoC platform. Your end to end CX partner.

VoC Design and Consulting
World Class Experience Management Platform
Frontline Training & Onboarding
Ongoing Strategic Insights

500M +

Customer Experiences

Allowing brands to actively listen, learn and delight customers.


Global Languages

Powering global customer experiences across 4 continents.

10K +


Empowered over 10K frontline staff to make CX a part of their winning formula.

Uncover Opportunities through Experience Management

Increase Conversion

Optimise the sales journey

Identify Operational Risk

Rectify customer risk in real-time

Grow Market Share

Get competitive advantage thorough insights

Leverage Experience as a Differentiator

Move away from price competition

Reduce Complaints and Churn

Turn detractors in to promoters

Increase Recommendation

Increase customer lifetime value

Experience Management

Customer at checkout
Increase lifetime value.
Reduce churn.
Increase recommendation.
Employees in meeting
Increase productiveness.
Reinforce company culture.
Drive up employee engagement.

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