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Meet your business goals and smoothly run NPS programs. Operationalise and scale CX beyond NPS surveys using our NPS platform to reduce churn, increase revenue and enable growth.

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Are you new to NPS score (Net Promoter Score)?

Resonate can help you start your NPS program.

Reach out to your customers with multi-channel NPS surveys. Close the loop faster and find insights using our NPS dashboards.


Measure episodes and customer journeys in real-time using the NPS dashboard in our software

Bring your organisational silos together to transform your NPS scores truly


Drive frontline teams using Resonate’s leading NPS software

Closed-loop feedback enables actions and pushes feedback to the frontline in real-time. Empower your frontline with the ability to understand the customer experience (CX). Recover poor experiences and learn from them. Act on the feedback through advanced workflows to alert, inform and schedule callbacks for the affected staff. View interactions in context and match themes in easy to use dashboards.

From a glance, you will quickly view details of the interactions, easily access customer details and start scheduling your callbacks – all through an intuitive portal. Utilise all feedback by placing it with those who can action it.

CX Frontline Staff
Your team performance

Compare frontline teams’ performance. See who is driving good experiences and who needs improvement.

CX Strategy
Simplify things to improve

Allow frontline teams to understand quick wins in CX and keep doing their core jobs.

CX Solutions
Customer callback workflows

Systematically scale CX management across large frontline teams by managing workflows for CX recovery and delight.


Understand the ‘why’

Understand unstructured data in the NPS surveys using Resonate’s NPS software.

Sentiment, emotion and intent

Understand sentiment, emotion and intent in your customer feedback without reading them individually.

Root cause analysis

Learn about the most significant issues without manual analysis through automated machine learning.

Text analytics

Keep track of the recent trends and monitor commonly used words and phrases in your customer feedback.
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You don’t have to be a data scientist to extract insight from your NPS data set.

Engage your customers in ways they love

NPS survey is a touchpoint in its own right. The experience should be one that leaves the customer feeling heard.

Every interaction is a touchpoint, including capturing feedback from your customers. Stay relevant with contextually created NPS surveys. Frame questions through cognitive learning, utilise advanced machine learning to make smarter survey reactions.

High Response Rate
High response rates

Data is the fuel for powerful insights, get high response rates to ensure you are working with a rich data set.

Omnichannel Feedback

Choose the right channel and moment for the NPS survey. Don’t let the technology limit the way you talk to your customer.

Seamless Surveys

Ensure that no matter which device a customer uses their experience is seamless.

Understand your customer experience (CX). Empower your employees. Scale insights and grow your business.

NPS platform that allows you to execute on your customer experience strategy, scale it and make CX your competitive advantage.

CX Platform


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