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Creating personalised and predictive retail experiences 

Outperform your competition by providing memorable experiences across multiple channels in a seamless way. Build brand loyalty and make advocates of your customers by anticipating their needs well ahead and personalizing every interaction one feedback at a time.

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  • Walmart
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  • Rebel
  • Rays

Drive sales and retention

Customer Journey
With Resonate’s experience management platform,
  • Understand the key drivers impacting customer spend and churn at every touchpoint across their journey- be it in-store, online or pick-up instore
  • Derive insights across your customer tiers and demographics which are actionable and impact their experience in a positive way
  • Close the loop quickly and recover negative experiences with built-in, intuitive workflows and alerts

Empower your employees

Engage and empower your employees at every level by,
  • Providing them access to dashboards and insights which show them their performance, areas of improvements and personalized views which help them service customers better and monitor their individual and team KPIs
  • Monitor and track performance of every team, store, region via simplistic, role based dashboards
  • Solicit feedback from your employees and understand their motivations and drivers which would impact their productivity and experience thus impacting your customers. Happy employees = Happy customers.
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Expand your market share

A flexible VoC platform which offers,
  • Ability to convert unstructured text feedback into structured actionable insights via powerful text analytics that always runs in the background and discovers trends quickly
  • Relevant, correct and rich insights which enables to strategise, implement and plan for the business enabling you to stay ahead of your competition
  • Co-creating with your customers to ideate, test and prioritise your go-to-market ideas

  • — Daryl D’Cruz, Head of Digital & Data, Sports Retailing
    “The Super Retail Group have utilised Resonate’s flexible NPS platform and worked closely with their experienced CX consultants since 2011. This partnership has ensured that customer insights are actionable and disseminated into every business unit from merchandising to staff training.” View Rebel Case Study

  • — Jim Thompson, Chief Operating Officer
    “Resonate has successfully rolled out and refined a transactional NPS platform across a 400 plus store network in China over the past three years. The program has been instrumental in establishing customer focus at a store level, and systematically increasing NPS across the network. The innovation, adaptability and resilience of the Resonate team has been greatly appreciated.” View Walmart Case Study

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