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How Can I….

Listen to our customers

… Listen to our customers?

Give your customers a voice

By giving your customers a voice at the right moment could mean the most candid feedback. However, often that is not sitting in front of a computer late at night reflecting a day of interactions. Connect with your customers immediately after the transaction or episode and understand the sentiment while fresh in their mind.

Empower the Frontline to Act

… Empower the Frontline to Act?

Push customer feedback to the people who interact with customers

CX is a job for the entire corporation, whether it is the C-Suite executive with the initiative down to the frontline who are face to face, the common goal should remain the same. Each member should take ownership and giving the power to the frontline will propel them to take ownership of the customer experience. Give them the tools to see their feedback and rectify problems if necessary.

Discover New CX Insights

… Discover New CX Insights?

The Triggers Uncovered

Remove the effort in identifying your CX trends. Visualise the feedback as it comes, in Real-Time. Deep dive into areas of concern and understand the reasons behind the success. Have the data you need at your finger tips when and where you need it.

Improve CX

… Improve CX?

Plan Of Action Ready

Armed with the data you need, it is easy to determine the next steps to take in creating an elevated Customer Experience. See where you can make an immediate impact and prioritise the pebbles, rocks and boulders that need to be moved in order to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Resonate with our Customers

… Resonate with our Customers?

Create that Memorable Experience

Every interaction is a touchpoint, every call for assistance is a chance to impress, every episode connects you closer to your customer. Don’t let a fragment of the customer journey displace the efforts of the organisation. Understand the journey your customers take with you and make every step a memorable one with Resonate.

Engage our Employees

… Engage our Employees?

Excite, Engage and Enable Your Employees

Employees are the greatest asset in any organisation. By elevating employees life at work means greater productivity and quality of work could lead to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Having an engaged and motivated workforce has proven to be a major contributor to organisational success.

See the Platform in Action

Talk to Resonate

Speak with one of our CX enthusiasts if you’re looking to start your VoC or NPS program. Start listening to your customers, raise your Net Promoter Score, improve customer satisfaction, synthesise actionable insights and lead your organisation to customer centricity.