Listen to Your Customers.

The best way to understand how your customers feel is to ask. Capture Net Promoter Score® (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES) at each point of their journey with you.

Double Response Rates

By Adding Ultimate Question in Email

Too often we are caught in the busy schedule of our lives to be redirected to another page and fill in a form to give feedback. Allow the customers to answer the NPS question directly from your invite. Increase the data and capture the real Net Promoter Score®.

Let your customers choose how they respond to you.

Every customer is different, some may be tech savvy and others may opt for convenience. Don’t dictate how your customers should respond to you but connect where it suits them.

Give your customers a voice.

Often they have valuable feedback but do not go the extra mile to provide it, after a day or so it is already forgotten. Ask for feedback and give your customers a voice. Reduce your customers effort and give them a platform to voice their experience.

See how you can give your customers a voice.

Design, Configure and Deploy

Start listening today!