A leading Australian VoC platform

Resonate’s voice of customer software enables your VoC program to deliver business outcomes by helping you improve your customer experience. Our VoC platform enables you to create an operational rhythm and scale your voice of customer programs to increase revenue and enable growth.
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Empower your frontline teams using a leading VoC platform

Act on the VoC feedback through intuitive workflows to inform and schedule call back for the the whole team or an individual. Get more context about the touchpoint and match themes. Empower your frontline with the ability to understand the voice of customer, recover it and learn from it.

CX Solutions
Closing the loop

Scale your VoC program across large teams by managing the closing the loop workflow for recovering and delighting customers.

CX Strategy
Understand what needs to improve

Allow all of your teams to take advantage of quick wins by finding the trends in voice of the customer.

CX Frontline Staff
Track your team

Track progress of your teams to provide a consistent customer experience across all parts of your organisation.


Easily find out the ‘why’

Find trends in unstructured voice of customer data using Resonate’s Voice of Customer software.

Sentiment, emotion and intent

Analyse with the sentiment and emotion in your VoC data without reading them individually.

Root cause analysis

Find the root causes without having to do manual analysis with the help of machine learning.

Text analytics

Browse through the trends in VoC and find the words and phrases commonly used by your customer.
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You don’t have to be a data scientist to get insight from your VoC program.

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Reach out to your customers in a fun way

Make capturing feedback a part of your customer experience by reaching out to your customers in fun and smarter ways. Use the channels your customers prefer. Create contextually framed VoC surveys. Utilise the benefits of cognitive learning to create smarter survey reactions.

Omnichannel Feedback

Don’t let the technology limit you in reaching out to your customers. Use the right technology and time for the sending VoC surveys.

Seamless Surveys
Seamless Integration

Make the experience of answering surveys seamless by ensuring that the experience remains the same no matter which device a customer uses.

High Response Rate
Get more responses

Get better insights with a high response rates to ensure you are working with a rich contextual data.


Visualise VoC as customer journey in realtime using our VoC platform

Look at your customer’s whole journey by listening to the voice of customer in every touchpoint


Listen to the voice of customer. Empower your teams. Scale insights and grow your business.

VoC software that allows you to execute on your voice of customer strategy, scale it and make customer experience your competitive advantage.

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