Voice of the Customer Program

Successful Voice of the customer (VoC) program allows you to systematically seek feedback from your customers. Use it to re-engage with customers and delight them; ultimately getting rich customer experience insights to transform your organisation.

Why does Voice of the Customer matter?

The main goal for a VoC program is to improve customer experience. It can be achieved in a few simple steps. You can start by listening to your customers, immediately followed by acting on their feedback. Collating and analysing the voice of the customer can help discover common themes that influence customer experience. These insights allow organisations the ability to systematically improve customer experience.

Capturing feedback today is complex and multichannel. As customer experience becomes the key differentiator in a highly commonditised world, connecting with your customers with an effective voice of customer methodology is the key to a success.

Voice of the Customer Case Studies

Resonate Voice of the Customer methodology

We believe successful VoC programs are owned by the organisation and incorporates the three types of customer experience and the movement in the relationship.

Voice of the Customer - Relationship, Episode, Touchpoint

Traditional Voice of the Customer and CX programs focus on measuring and improving the interactions or touchpoints a customer has, which in turn leads into improving the overall relationship with the brand.

However, the link between the two can be opaque as the customer job to be done involves multiple steps. Each episode can involve different departments and delivery processes that can be murky when understanding the experience upon completion.

For example: setting up broadband could involve purchasing online, delivery, installation, activation and ongoing service. Although the process of purchasing and delivery may have been perfect, the activation may be have delayed that could affect the overall likelihood of recommending your brand.

By measuring episodes it allows you to visualise the holistic experience from outside in and improve systematically. The process of improvement is split in to one-to-one and one-to-many.

VoC - Close the loop
Inner Loop

Empowering your frontline to understand customer experiences and then act on feedback in near realtime allows you to recover a bad customer experience. Also through closing the loop frontline teams learn what the customer likes and what the customer does not like. Doing this at scale allows you to action customer feedback, get immediate ROI, reduce churn and monetise your customer experience management program. See how you can action feedback through our VoC Platform.

See our Voice of the Customer platform actioning features

VoC - Text Analytics
Outer Loop

Collecting, collating, and analysing customer feedback over time allows organisations to discover customer experience trends through rich data. This allows for the strategic loop to be data driven, that is the organisation can make strategic decision based on VoC data. Know how the Resondate Voice of Customer Platform brings the organisation together to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Know how we can help find trends

Voice of the Customer programs are designed to bring the customer voice to all employee’s minds. Broadcasting feedback throughout key areas of the business such as the frontline staff, breakout rooms, executive boardrooms and other high traffic areas plays it as a constant reminder of becoming more customer centric. Let the voice of customer echo throughout your organisation..

Evolution of Voice of Customer

VoC programs are evolving to include more than traditional NPS survey data, They are now incorporating other customer verbatim which a company may hold These include

  • Complaints Data – A customer leaves behind a lot of value in the text when they lodge a complaint.
  • CRM data
  • Contact centre interaction data
  • Online Review Data Bringing this unique unstructured customer data into one place to truely understand Voice of the Customer

Resonate is an expert in delivering enterprise Voice of the Customer solution that is complex and multilayered. The platform is capable of capture omni-channel feedback, close the loop on feedback, discovering new CX insights and providing analytics to improve customer experience.

Voice of the Customer Platform


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