Deliver best-in-class citizen experience.

The Resonate Customer Experience management platform helps service leading LGAs build sustainable, liveable and thriving communities. An essential platform for the LGAs of the future.

Improve process
and efficiencies.

Understand citizen sentiment and help move resources to the right services.

CX themes

Reduced customer

Identify friction in the current journey and eliminate for customer ease.

Closing the loop

Enable cross-organisational success

Easily share data on what a 10/10 experience looks like, allowing others to replicate.

Talk to one of our LGA CX experts and find out how to improve process and efficiencies with Resonate’s platform.

Reduce cost to serve.

Enable minimal customer interactions with council by understanding the two most critical moments on the journey.

LGA call centre

First contact resolution

Better understand how to enable first contact resolution by customer segments and service request types.

LGA post-service resolution

Post-service resolution

Ensure initial service is delivered to a satisfactory standard.

Learn from one of our LGA Experts how to
reduce your cost to serve.

Make targeted investments.

Use customer experience data to ensure you’re making
every dollar count.

LGA customer-focused investment

Customer-focused investments

Use rich customer insight to make targeted investments that improve CX.

LGA service-focused investments


Use customer sentiment to build exceptional service delivery.

Make targeted investments and talk to one of our LGA CX Experts.