Women @ Resonate

At Resonate we believe in the power of diversity. We have successfully eliminated gender inequality, gaining different perspectives and backgrounds. This International Women’s Day we #ChooseToChallenge every tech company to join us #IWD2021.

Mita Bedi

“The gender diversity at Resonate like all other diversity is one of our greatest strengths.”

We have diverse and inclusive leadership.

For the past 4 years we’ve had Mita Bedi as CEO. Over time the representation of women in our leadership and company has grown. We are always seeking ways to include women in tech.


of the Resonate leadership team are women in 2021

Margarita Romanova

“If you have a passion for a particular industry don’t let being a woman stop you going for it.”


A more inclusive and diverse workforce promotes innovation.

Championing inclusion and diversity makes Resonate stronger. We will continue to ensure diversity exists in all parts of the company and reinforce our commitment to equal representation.

Overall company gender composition (2021)

Resonate overall gender
Luna Wen

“Don’t second guess yourself and trust in your abilities.”

Industry leading female representation for a tech team.

Globally, only 10% of women working in tech, work in a female-majority team¹. We’re proud to say our tech team is mostly women.

Tech team gender (2021)

Gender representation of Resonate tech team
Danielle Gosper

At Resonate it doesn’t matter where you come from or your gender, everyone is treated with the same level of respect.”

Madhuri Alse

“Don’t let any perceptions or negative thoughts deter you – The industry needs women and will be better off with more passionate women joining it.”

Kylie Diep

More opportunities, support and benefits have been offered to encourage women to enter the tech industry. However, the statistics show there is a huge gender gap for women in the industry that needs to be closed.”

Jessica Gutierrez

I would say to other women that tech is a great industry that’s continuously changing and you’ll be forever learning.”

Pallavi Jankiraman

“While general consciousness is on the rise globally, it is still much harder for women to meet their traditional social obligations and still give their career the focus it needs to reach the top.”

Camila Lima

I say to other women — if you want to study a STEM subject do not listen too much to what others say, just go forward and you don’t feel underestimated for being a woman.”

“The fact remains for all businesses that listening to and understanding your customers better only has an upside.” – Mita Bedi, CEO

Asmita Pandey

“I strongly recommend women that want to study technology to go ahead and grab every opportunity and to empower themselves.”

Kersti Muras

“Tech is always changing, develop a growth mindset and get comfortable admitting that you don’t know something.”

Nithya Nagarajan
Team Resonate

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At Resonate we are a diverse and passionate team.